Tire Installation and Repair Services in Phoenix, Arizona

Big E's Tire Service & Sales is Phoenix, Arizona's go-to location for both our Commercial and Industrial tire service with a large selection of products to choose from. Our Family-Owned business abides by the same standards of customer service and professionalism that were established when we were founded in 1991.
Worker Replacing Tire - Tire Services in Phoenix, Arizona
Car Tire Replacement Service - Tire Repair in Phoenix, Arizona
Tire installation - Tire Services in Phoenix, Arizona

Tire Installation

Big E's Tire Service & Sales has all the necessary tools to install all of the tires we sell from handcarts to earth moving equipment.

Tire Repair

Looking to repair a tire or have it professionally inspected for damage? Our team of experts will fix your problem fast, and get you back on the road safely!

Tire Services

Looking for Tire Services? You've come to the right place! See our selection of available services below, and when you're ready we'll be sure that we are too!
Tires - Tire Services in Phoenix, Arizona
New tires - Tire Services in Phoenix, Arizona

Force Match Tire Balancing

Get the best balance in the state. With our newest balancer on the market. Not only do we balance your tire, we find the highest spot on the tire and match it with the lowest spot on the wheel. This gives you the best balance possible. Nobody does it better!

Tire Retreading

We can retread your worn out truck tires (18-Wheeler). We offer two types of retreads, Standard Flat Precure Cap or Top of the Line Marangoni Ringtread. This retread is a spliceless and is the best retread on the market today. Try them!

Flat Proofing (Foam Filling)

We can make your tires flat proof. This process works on slow moving equipment (Forklifts, Loaders, Bobcats, etc.). You will never get a flat tire!
Tire pressing - Tire Services in Phoenix, Arizona

Tire Pressing

We have the largest tire press in the state. We can press a tire up to 72 inches tall (26.5 x 25). We also have 3 mobile tire presses for your forklift fleets.

Tire Disposal

Looking to properly dispose of your tires? Call us today at 602-272-7425 for more details and incentives.

Fleet Inspections

We offer a professional staff that can do fleet inspections to help eliminate any down time. Also, our fleet checks help the customers project tire costs in the future.
Fleet inspections - Tire Services in Phoenix, Arizona

National Account Billing

Yes, Big E's Tire Service & Sales does participate in National Account Billing and works accordingly with Continental and Hancook tires.

Tire Programs

We will evaluate your fleet to determine the best tire for your equipment. Call a member of our team today at 602-272-7425 for more detailed information.
Tire programs - Tire Services in Phoenix, Arizona
We look forward to working with you on your Commercial or Industrial needs. To request an estimate, Click Here.